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    Surprise Customer

    Surprise Customer - The Little Blanket Shop

    As a small business when you get a glowing customer review on social media it's such a boost. So imagine our delight when one of those reviews came from Alice Du Parq, a multi award winning fragrance and beauty journalist. It is fair to say that Alice knows about great products, so we thought we would share her review.

    Aliceduparq: Meeep! Let’s hear it for the lockdown snuggle! So while this may all look cute and lovely this tiny lady has been waking up screaming every single night since March 😩 at delightful times like 1am and 3am (although haven’t we all 🤪🥴?!). I’m not saying this has entirely fixed things, but my goodness what a difference a weighted blanket has made. This beautiful, children-specific one is from @thelittleblanketshop and the moment I lay it over her I could see the delicious cosy feels in her eyes. They are so beautifully made with organic cotton in various sizes and the prints are so sweet. Their expert advice is to gradually introduce a weighted blanket but Belle was like YES PLEASE RIGHT NOW THANK YOU WOMAN TOUTE SUITE and we’ve had so many more peaceful un-broken nights since. I have to thank @mrshhayward for introducing me to this lovely brand (one of my fave follows whose kids, rosé reccos and kitchen discos are 🙌 life). Sleep tight pals, it’ll all be alright in the end. And if it’s not alright, it isn’t the end. 😴🛏💤
    [Ad info: I paid for this blanket & pillowcase myself with a discount via @mrshhayward’s Stories - love this pay-it-forward vibe!]

    Review of pink rainbow weighted blanket

    Do check out Alice's instagram ( her account is hilarious and informative. 


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