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    The Little Blanket Blog - The Little Blanket Shop

    I am a mum, wife, NHS doctor and lover of weighted blankets, although the order depends on the time of day, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me.

    My husband and I launched The Little Blanket Shop just over 4 months ago now. We have been so touched by the response from our fantastic customers, social media followers and the press. Our expectations were surpassed when the lovely Alice Beer from This Morning asked for a weighted blanket. We were beyond excited when Alice featured our grey cloud weighted blanket on This Morning last week.

    Alice Beer with The Little Blanket Shop on This Morning

    We have had a crazy week but it has been incredible to talk to our customers about what you would like to see more of from The Little Blanket Shop. So we have started a blog, not just to talk about all things weighted blankets but ways in which we can help our whole family relax. After all, we are in this parenting game together.



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