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    Why should your weighted blanket contain glass beads?

    Why should your weighted blanket contain glass beads?

    We often get asked about the difference between glass and plastic beads, especially as the cheaper blankets out there will often use plastic beads. So why pay more for the glass beads?

    Firstly, our glass beads are SGS certified. There are other cheaper glass beads out there which contain lead so it is important to look out for the bead certification. Glass beads are quiet, so no matter how much you move around at night you will not hear the beads move. Each bead also allows air flow in and out meaning that the temperature can be perfectly regulated. You can use your weighted blanket during hotter and cooler nights.

    Importantly, glass beads are highly durable, non-toxic and odourless making them the most popular weighted filling of choice. Glass beads are also generally heavier which means you need less of them in your blanket creating a smoother flatter blanket which easier to move and sleep under.

    Whilst the plastic filled weighted blankets are cheaper it is important to note that they don't wash well and will often need replacing much quicker than the glass beads. At The Little Blanket Shop we value high quality materials and only use SGS certified glass beads in every single weighted blanket.

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