Children's Weighted Blankets

At The Little Blanket Shop we stock three main variants of our popular luxury childrens weighted blanket. Our weighted blankets for kids are available in a selection of fun and engaging styles that are designed to appeal to both parents and children.

Crafted from the best possible materials our kids weighted blankets are unique and beautiful. What's more, is that they can be personalised making them the perfect keepsake or gift for birthdays and special occasions.

Our beautifully designed weighted blankets have been featured in various 'best weighted blanket for kids' roundups such as the Evening Standard's Best Kids Weighted Blankets 2021 List & MadeForMums Awards 2021 nominee in the Best Sleep Aid category.

If you are looking for something special, we have the eye-catching Blue Sailor children's weighted blanket, the gentle and subtle Pink blanket and the best selling Grey Cloud weighted blanket for kids available to deliver from the UK.

Our Weighted Blankets For Kids

As weighted blankets have been gaining popularity within recent years you may have already heard the term weighted blanket or gravity blanket. While some people may be in the know as regards to what weighted blankets are, here's a quick rundown for those looking for more information.

As the name would suggest, they are blankets that have been filled with weighted material like plasic pellets, plastic beads or glass beads to create a soft but heavy blanket that gentle creates pressure to the body.

The Little Blanket Shop's childrens weighted blankets are smaller size blankets, ideally suited for children that are filled with micro hypo allergenic beads. Made from an organic cotton material and undergoing a 5-layerd process, they are unrivaled in quality, construction and design.

As parents of three young children Anamika and Gaurav - The founders of The Little Blanket Shop - struggled with the nightly bed-time routine and by chance stumbled across a weighted blanket suitable for children.

Amazed by it's ability to calm, soothe and encourage a deeper more relaxed sleep in their kids, the husband and wife team sat down to improve the selection of childrens weighted blankets available in the United Kingdom.

The result of this creation process is three unique, refreshing designs, made to appeal to children that are made with the best quality material and crafted to the highest possible standard. Each kids weighted blanket from The Little Blanket Shop is available in three different sizes, the 1.5KG, 2KG & 3KG to suit a wide range of children at different ages.