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Our Story

Gaurav & Anamika are the co-founders of The Little Blanket Shop Ltd.


As parents we know that foggy haze of sleep deprivation all too well. Our sleep journey with three young children has had its ups and very tiring downs. We discovered weighted blankets purely by chance and were amazed by its' instant ability to soothe our children. For years weighted blankets have been carefully used to help children with anxiety, ADHD and autism sleep better.

Our ambition at The Little Blanket Shop is to help your child sleep better. We make high quality weighted blankets and covers with your child in mind. Contemporary organic cotton prints are paired with luxurious materials for our covers. The weighted blanket is made by a 5-layered process and covered in organic cotton. We are proud to be a British weighted blanket shop offering a product range aimed only for children.

Thank you for choosing us. We welcome you to our community.

Anamika & Gaurav

Co-Founders of The Little Blanket Shop Ltd.


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