Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 30 day sleep guarantee?

If the weight of your weighted blanket does not suit you, we will gladly exchange it for a heavier or lighter one. If the weighted blanket does not work for you, we will give you a full refund within the 30 day guarantee. Unfortunately we cannot offer the guarantee on personalised products.

Will a weighted blanket suit my child?

A childrens weighted blanket is exactly that – a blanket filled with micro hypoallergenic beads. The goal is to make the blanket a little heavier so it applies a firm consistent pressure to your child. This constant deep pressure can have an almost magic effect on some children’s sleep. Those children with unique sensory needs such as autism and severe anxiety often react well to weighted blankets.

The below signs indicate your child is likely to respond to a weighted blanket;

  • Loves sleeping or lying under several blankets

  • Enjoys crawling into tight spaces or behind furniture

  • Finds it difficult to relax and sit still after running around or playing games

  • Likes the feeling of jumpers

However, every child has unique sensory needs and weighted blankets will not work for every child. If your child is very sensitive to being touched or reacts to different textures and dislikes sleeping under blankets, a weighted blanket may not be for them.

All children must weigh at least 15kg and be able to remove the blanket independently.

Why are our blankets unique?

As parents we have thought long and hard about the touches that can make our Little Blankets work better for your child, and of course you.  For example, we have used non slip telescopic ties to secure the cover to the inner weighted blanket so the weight is always evenly distributed. 

All of our blankets and covers are made using 100% organic soft cotton to ensure it feels lovely against your child’s skin. Each cover has an organic cotton side and a soft plush reverse for that cosy feeling. All our blankets also come with a reusable cotton storage bag.

We offer our blankets in small weight increments of 1.5kg, 2kg and 3kg. We believe this will ensure every child of any weight will suit one of our blankets.

Is a weighted blanket safe?

Please never use one of our blankets for a child weighing less than 15kg and ensure your child can remove the blanket independently. The weight of your child’s blanket should ideally not exceed the recommended 10% of their total body weight.  

Weighted blankets can transform your child’s sleep. However, they are not suitable for every child. The safety of your child is paramount to us which is why we do not recommend weighted products to be used for children with breathing difficulties, epilepsy, serious hypotonia (lone body tone) and any condition which means the child is unable to remove the blanket independently.

How to use a weighted blanket?

These are just tips that helped our children get the most out of their weighted blanket;

  • Don’t force your child to use one, remember for some children the sensory stimulation can feel uncomfortable.

  • It helps to introduce the blanket slowly into your child’s routine. For example, start by using the blanket for short periods during story time, whilst doing homework, watching a film or when relaxing with your child.

  • When you do introduce the blanket into your bedtime routine pull the blanket up slowly from their feet. This really can feel like a hug.

These few tips helped us but we would love to hear on our social media how you have used your little blanket.

How do I wash my weighted blanket?

We all know that things rarely stay clean when children are involved. All blankets come a cover which can be easily removed for washing. Machine wash with cold water and avoid soaking or bleaching the cover. We do not recommend tumble drying, dry cleaning or ironing our blankets.

If you decide the weighted inner blanket does need washing this can be done by using a cold setting on your washing machine. Please check the weight of the blanket does not exceed the recommended weight of your machine. Once washed shake and hang your Little Blanket to dry. 

Read a more indepth guide on how to wash a weighted blanket.

Are our materials sustainable?

We use 100% organic cotton for our inner weighted blanket. Our covers are 100% organic cotton on one side and a luxurious recycled plush polyester on the other. We deliver our blanket in a 100% cotton pouch ideal for storage and traveling with your blanket. The Little Blanket Shop uses only recycled cardboard for all our packaging.

Will my child feel hot in a weighted blanket?

All our weighted blankets are 100% organic cotton and breathable and can be used all year round. Each cover comes with a plush soft reverse for those colder nights and a 100% organic cotton side for the summer months. We are working to produce a pure cotton cover which would be better suited to hotter nights so watch this space!