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    How To Wash A Weighted Blanket

    How To Wash A Weighted Blanket - The Little Blanket Shop

    Keeping anything clean with children around is nigh on impossible. So at The Little Blanket Shop we would never expect you to invest in a weighted blanket without it being easy to clean.

    This post will give you all the helpful tips about washing your kids weighted blanket so it stays in good shape for many more peaceful nights. I am sure anyone without young children must be questioning this post, whilst those of us with young children will appreciate the help!

    Firstly our children’s weighted blankets are fully machine washable. Our ethos is all about making it easy for your family to rest and that extends to our products’ maintenance. We have used high quality 100% cotton and recycled fabrics to produce our blanket covers. However, for all of those times you need to wash the 100% cotton weighted inner blanket you can do that in your own machine too!

    As co-founder and a parent myself I can tell you I have definitely washed a fair few weighted blankets – and here are some tips I have picked up on the way.

    • Firstly, check you washing machine capacity doesn’t exceed the weight of your blanket.
    • Wash the cover and/or inner blanket separately in a cold wash (max30 °C)
    • Use delicate wash setting
    • Use only very gentle detergent.

    I have also learnt some don’ts on the way too;

    • Avoid tumble drying (I have had mixed results) so I would definitely avoid them altogether.
    • I know it’s tempting to use fabric softner but it can disrupt the shape of the weighted blanket.
    • No need for bleach anywhere near your little blanket.
    • Make sure you give the blanket a good shake before hanging it to dry. It can take around 6-8 hours in room temperature to dry

    When your blanket and cover have dried you will need to reattach the cover to the weighted inner blanket. The easiest way to do this is turn the cover inside out and attach each of the 6 ties to the weighted inner blanket, gradually encasing the whole blanket with the cover. Then you are all set!

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